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At CloudSEK, we combine the power of Cyber Intelligence, Brand Monitoring, Attack Surface Monitoring, Infrastructure Monitoring and Supply Chain Intelligence to give context to our customers’ digital risks.



In the rapidly evolving landscape of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Terretech Nusantara proudly presents MD AI, an AI Incubator and Accelerator platform aimed at fostering innovation and accelerating the growth of AI startups.

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AI Innovation Challenge 2024

The AI Innovation Challenge held by Terretech in 2023 is a competition aimed at fostering innovation in the field of artificial intelligence. This event invites professionals, academics, and developers from around the world to participate and present their innovative AI solutions. The challenge focuses on developing technologies that can positively impact various industries, such as healthcare, education, environment, and more.

Participants are given the opportunity to work with advanced AI data and tools, and they receive guidance from experts in the field. Additionally, they compete for attractive prizes, including project development funding and collaboration opportunities with Terretech to implement their solutions in real-world scenarios.

The AI Innovation Challenge also features workshops, panel discussions, and networking events, allowing participants to share knowledge and expand their professional networks. This competition serves as a crucial platform for innovators to showcase the potential of AI technology in solving real-world problems and driving positive change in the world.


AI Smart X Academy

Intensive AI Training & Workshop LSP – AI Certification


AI Consulting & AI System Integrator

Sectors : Gov, Industry & Enterprise

PT. Terre Tech Nusantara with PT. V2 Indonesia

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